Google Play Instant Lets You Try Games With No Installs

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Mobile gaming is already big business, and it’s only set to set to grow even further. With big-name games such as Fortnite Battle Royale and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds now available to play on your smartphone, mobile gaming has a rosy future.

The problem is with so many mobile games worth playing, it’s often impossible to know which ones are worth installing on your device. Which is why Google Play Instant, which lets you try games on Android without installing them, could be a Godsend.

Play Android Games Without Installing Them

Google Play Instant is an extension of the Android Instant Apps which lets you try apps without installing them. Google Play Instant adds games to the mix, allowing you to sample mobile games on Android without taking up precious space on your phone.

This is a work in progress, which means only a handful of games are part of Google Play Instant at the time of writing. These can be found in the Instant Gameplay collection, with Google promising many more titles will be added in the coming weeks and months.

To play a game without installing it just click the “Try now” button. In most cases you’ll then be given a taster of the game, and if you want to continue playing it you can just click the “Install now” button to install the full game on your phone.

How useful this proves will depend on the game and the developer. With a maximum file size of 10 MB, some small games may be playable in their entirety through Google Play Instant, while others will only offer a soupcon of the full game.

Less Time Installing, More Time Gaming

The ability to try games without having to download and install them onto your device is a genius move. And it should prevent people from having to install games just to try them, find out they suck, and then have to delete them again. Which wastes everyone’s time.

If you want to learn more about how this works be sure to read our guide to Android Instant Apps. Or maybe check out our selection of trendy mobile games that will make you forget Angry Birds ever existed. Either way, keep on gaming.